Hi everyone. I want to share to all of you that can still keep the old clothes you still have now because you don’t know you might use them as a fashion accessory in the future. If you can see the photos below, i used to wear my my green jogging pants and athlete jacket before swimming competition days as well as trainings. It was from 2009 and its still here with me. I almost threw it but I decided to use it as my sleeping wear. Eventually, during the years, fashion trends are constantly changing. I almost tried it with different style and viola! You can really use your old clothes as brand new ones again!! Its like new but it is recycled.



It’s more important that you can mix and match with anything especially with the shoes and top. And with the jacket that’s 10 years old, it is too old but, as you can see that Adidas fashion style has received and it almost look the same.

As you can see, the mportant matching fashion accessories that can be paired:
– sunglasses ( to make it more fashionable!)
– White sneakers
– Tank top white
– With bag that entails the color











Don’t lose hope if you have clothes that you can’t use. You will never know until you try your different sets of style. If you want some style tips, just subscribe and ask me!! I’m so happy to share and have a collaboration and talk with you all <3