Hello, my name is Sheena

Be real, be unique, be fierce, be fashion.

About Me

Welcome to sheenamcbride.com!  Sheena is thrilled you’re here because she have so much want to share with you.

Sheena is a twenty something-year-old style, fashion and lifestyle blogger. Other than being a blogger, she is also an occasional fashion stylist, an aspiring fashion designer and does a little acting on the side. She’ve done multiple of films and won best film in NewYork and nominated as Best Actress in Madrid International Film Festival.

While she modeled and took photographs for her own creations, she put her creative mind at work, , she launched her own fashion website: the sheenamcbride.com This Blog is a place for people at any age who are looking for inspiring lifestyle and travel style ideas, the latest fashion trends, career advice and some inspiration. Sheen’s aim is to inspire everyone women to live an active, healthy and mindful life always believe in yourself no matter what.

Mastering in Bachelor of Arts major in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs has helped her along the way  as she manages to combine her artistic views with the skills gathered in digital and social media.  She also studied Fashion styling in ICEFAD Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship and Fashion Design in Fashion Institute of the Philippines and Basic Fashion Design in Fashion Institute of the Philippines. As you can see Fashion is for her an endless pool of inspiration. Collaborating with different brands and creators, she is well regarded in the fields of the industry, being seen as an influencer and making a great content to different brands. She is hardworking and fully committed to her passion, which she turned from a hobby to an actual business and way of life.  She expanding in a small clothing line called the “McB” clothing pronounce as Mac-B which comes from her middle name McBride. A fashion collection that combines sophisticated and edgy aesthetics first for the modern, strong and independent women.

Im thrilled you’re here because I have so much I want to share with you. I’m here to make a life out of love, and what I love is blogging. I am passionate about sheenamcbride.com, and I truly believe that passion is relayed back to my readers through the innovative and exciting content that I post. Explore my site, and all that I have to offer, perhaps sheenamcbride.com will ignite your own passions too.